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Flame logo for Prevent Fire, an Idaho based company that provides industrial fire suppression systems, recertifcations for equipment, hood cleaning, and consultaion for fire supression systems and design layouts.
Logo for Prevent Fire, a commercial fire system design company providing fire extinguisher services and fire suppresson system solutions.

Prevent Fire is an Fire Prevention company providing fire services in Idaho. With services such as ABC Fire extinguishers, Commercial and Industrial Fire solutions, Paint Booth Fire Suppression Systems, Residential Fire system installation, clean agent fire systems, inspections, recertification, server room fire protection, and fire system consultations and designs.. We are the company near you thats ready to help you find the fire prevention service your home or business needs. Serving the East Idaho and Magic Valley areas.


Prevent Fire has the resources, products, and knowledge to meet the fire prevention needs of any Southeast or Magic Valley Idaho business. Call us for your fire prevention needs and allow us to help you choose, install, and maintain the products you need in your home or business, including fire extinguishers, fire suppression, exit lighting and more.

About Us


An astounding 30% of portable fire extinguishers in the workplace are not in good working order. Even if your fire extinguisher is updated inspection tags does not mean they are ready to act in an emergency.

Make sure that you’re ready by working with a company you can trust. Contact Prevent Fire today! We review your facility to match type, size, and placement of fire extinguishers to your needs and to National Fire Protection Standards (NFPA 10).

Providing you with fire extinguishers is only the start. A thorough annual inspection on all extinguishers is the difference between true safety and the illusion of safety. Unfortunately, not all inspections are equal. We don’t just hang a new tag on your extinguishers and move on to the next job; we make sure each extinguisher is in good working order so that your workplace and workforce is truly protected. We promise to inspect your facility for potential hazards, providing you with a full report of our findings. Then sitting down with you to discuss our findings, we will be sure to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Also, don’t forget to ask us about our fire demo trainings. Contact us today for your fire extinguisher needs!



If a fire is going to start, it’s likely to start in a kitchen. Yet many business owners let their kitchen facilities go under-protected from fire. This leaves their employees, customers, and properties at risk. What works in one kitchen can be outright dangerous in another. With Prevent Fire, we are trained to design the most appropriate and effective system for your kitchen, whether it’s a hospital or university kitchen that serves thousands of meals a day, or a small café kitchen.


Now is the time to contact Prevent Fire for your all things related to Kitchen Fire Systems. Prevent Fire is the only company you need to inspect, service or upgrade your kitchen fire suppression system. We can also install the most appropriate system for your place of business. All of this can be done without interruption to your business.


Contact us today if you’re uncertain about your fire suppression system or if you’ve revamped your kitchen. Moving equipment means you need to re-evaluate your system to ensure that hoods and nozzles are still functioning and appropriately located. Count on us to provide the utmost protection for your business or operation.

Kitchen Fire Systems


It is essential in various industries, such as auto body and powder coating, to protect themselves with 24-hour fire suppression coverage. Both industries require fire suppression systems due to the volatile nature of spray paints and other chemicals. Installing a dry chemical industrial fire system is the best way to avoid dramatic loss in the event of a fire.


Prevent Fire prides ourselves on discussing, informing, and planning the best solution for safety at your work place.

Industrial Systems


Safety means different things in different situations, but it always depends upon expertise for your residential fire protection. You can have the best equipment in the world and still be unsafe if that equipment is improperly placed or maintained. Prevent Fire has the resources, products, and knowledge to meet the life safety needs of any home.


Call on us to help you choose, install, and maintain the products you need in your home. Our service comes with a Prevent Fire-backed warranty and mobile on-site service.We are confident we have a customized solution for any situation.

Exit Lighting


You may have emergency exit lighting in all the right places, but that does little good in an emergency if those lights haven’t been properly maintained. Prevent Fire will ensure that your emergency and exit lights are properly placed and functioning correctly.We start by surveying your facility to determine the age and placement of lights and then test each light for functionality. The technician executes a quick check to test operation and then an operational test that reveals whether your lights are in order to provide 90 minutes of illumination during a power failure.


In short, you get our assurance that your facility is up to code and your employees and customers are safe.We are ready with whatever updates you might need from batteries and bulbs to LED conversion kits or new lights. Talk to us today to work emergency and exit lighting testing into your fire protection package.


You have a business to run. It’s our job to keep your kitchen safe. HoodCo ensures your business operations are in compliance whether you need a general assessment or a complete exhaust system cleaning. We’re experienced to do the job right the first time and every time.


We are your solution for custom hood cleaning.Grease is a fuel that can ignite with a simple spark from the kitchen cooking line and spread throughout the attic and onto the roof within seconds causing severe damage and potential loss of life.HoodCo cleans the hood, duct work, fan, and the roof if need be. We are trained and have certifications to help you comply with NFPA 96.


We even provide proof of this through digital documentation of every clean.Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees and your building. It is also a compliance issue.



Kidde Fire Products
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